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Issues in the stability behavior of pultruded GFRP members
Kent A. Harries,Tianqiao Liu, Daniel C.T. Cardoso, Janine Vieira
Composites made of boiler ash and mauve fibers
Deibson S. da Costa, Mário H. M. Moraes, Diogo P. Queiroz, Evandro R. Costa, Luis F. A. Brandão, Leonardo S. Oliveira, José A. S. Souza
Effect of barley residue on the mixed-mode fracture properties of polymer mortars
Joao Marciano Laredo dos Reis
Study of the effect of superficial treatment on the adherence of pultruded composite joints
A.C. Passos, E.M. Sampaio and S. de Barros
Injected nanocomposites of thermoplastic starch and poly (butylene succinate) blends with cellulose nanocrystals
Pedro Claro, Thiago Maia , Gean Marcatto, Luiz Mattoso, José Marconcini  and Alessandra de Lucas
Design of CFRP Laminates using invariants
Jose Daniel D. Melo and Stephen W. Tsai
Mechanical characterization of jute/sisal natural hybrid polyester composite
R. A. A. Lima, D. K. K. Cavalcanti, J. S. S. Neto, H. R. M. Da Costa, M. D. Banea
Comparative study on the properties of commercial and sugarcane bagasse lignins for gas adsorption applications
Sérgio Leandro S. I. P da Costa, José B. de Campos, José Carlos Neto-Ferreira, Vitor S. Ramos, Juan L. Nachez, Suzana B. Peripolli, Cecília Vilani, Sergio N. Kuriyama and Antônio F. Neto, Eric Cardona Romani, Paula Dias Barbosa
Weibull analysis of Portland cement paste and luffa fibers composites
Henry A. Colorado, Flávio Silva, Sergio Monteiro
Tensile properties of novel composite ropes
Kimiyoshi Naito and Hiroyuki Oguma
Mechanical behavior of macro-synthetic fiber reinforced concretes exposed to high temperature environments
Dimas Alan Strauss Rambo, Ana Blanco, Antonio Domingues de Figueiredo, Edson Rodrigo Fernandes dos Santos, Romildo Dias Toledo Filho and Otávio da Fonseca Martins Gomesd
Manufacture of low-density geopolymer composites by the incorporation of expanded polystyrene beads
Vitor Rezende Alves, Luis Fernando Tonholo Domingos, Carolina Torga Lombardi, Kurt Strecker
Evaluation of the Influence of Metal-Composite Adhesive Joints for Structural Repairs of FPSO-type Platform Hulls (Floating Production Storage and Offloading)
C. M. Gomes, L.J. Pacheco, N. R. Rohem, E. M. Sampaio
Design optimization of a composite beam with a hollow square profile for the Brazillian academic challenge in Composites (SAMPE)
Effects of bond thickness on the Cohesive Zone Model parameters in mode I of a high toughness structural adhesive
Mechanical characterization of natural intralaminar hybrid composites reinforced with jute+curauá
D. K. K. Cavalcanti, J. S. S. Neto, R. A. A. Lima1, M. D. Banea
Strength of Metal/Composite Adhesive Joints with Novel Interlocking Reinforcement
M. O’Brien, M.C. Corbett, R.M. O’Higgins, C.T. McCarthy
Experimental analysis of a GFRP dismountable truss bridge
Ana Maria Abreu Jorge Teixeira, Marcos Vasconcelos Diniz e Michèle Schubert. Pfeil
Flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with CFRP and steel bars in covering concrete
Renan Henrique de Melo, Ana Maria Abreu Jorge Teixeira, Luiz Antonio Vieira Carneiro
Using blister test to predict the failure pressure in bonded composite repaired pipes
S. de Barros, B. Fadhil, P. Casari, F. Jacquemin
Tensile strength of polymer composites reinforced with vegetable fibers of jute-cotton via RTM and water sorption
Maria V. S. Pinto, Laura H. Carvalho, Clarissa C. Angrizani, Sandro C. Amico and Antonio G. B. Lima
Evaluation of interlaminar fracture strength of PEI/MWCNT/Carbon fibers composites subjected to hygrothermal and UV radiation conditioning
Luis Felipe de Paula Santos, Alberto Lima Santos, Bruno Ribeiro, Edson Cocchieri Botelho, Michelle Leali Costa
Mechanical Analysis of Jute + Ramie Hybrid Composite in Polyester Matrix
 J. S. S. Neto, D. K. K. Cavalcanti, R. A. A. Lima, R.A.A. Aguiar, M. D. Banea
Accelerated testing of the durability of FRP bars – bond behavior and mechanical properties
Sandor Solyom and György L. Balázs
A Continuum Damage Model For Bolted Joint Failure Prediction In Fiber-Reinforced Composites
José Jerônimo Rabelo Faria, Alfredo Rocha de Faria, Maurício Vicente Donadon, Sérgio Augusto Capasciutti de Oliveira, Ragnar Larsson
Rotational Stiffness Characterization of Pultruded GFRP Cross-Section Junctions
Gisele G. Cintra, Daniel C. T. Cardoso, Janine D. Vieira
Dowel Action Characterization in Reinforced Steel Fiber Concrete Beams
Thomás L. Resende; Daniel C. T. Cardoso; Lidia C. D. Shehata
Effects of TTNT addition in wear behavior of polyamide 11
Ayrton Alef Castanheira Pereira, Rafael Rosenberg Santos, José Roberto Moraes d’Almeida
Carbide Composite Coatings on Steel by Thermal Reactive Diffusion
Aliakbar Ghadi, Mansour Soltanieh, Hassan Saghafian
Comparison of fibre-matrix adhesion on reinforced geopolymer composite with different types of fibers
L.A. Alves, M.D. Banea1, E.G. Vazquez, S. de Barros
Composites in construction: A Canadian experience
Martin Noel
Effects of aging on glass fiber – epoxy repair material for oil pipelines
M.L.Rocha, E. P. C. Ferreira, J. D. D. Melo, A. P. Cysne Barbosa
Assessment of particle reinforced composites baeed on full factorial and simplex-lattice designs
Bernardo Franco Rufini;Tulio Hallak Panzera; Aluízio Junior Ribeiro; Sergio Moni Ribeiro; Robson Bruno Dutra Pereira; Rodrigo Teixeira Santos Freire
Experimental fatigue behavior of pultruded glass fibre reinforced polymer composite materials
Priscilla Rocha Vieira, Eliane Maria Lopes Carvalho, Janine Domingos Vieira, Romildo Dias Toledo Filho
Effects of the addition of poly(ethylene-co- methyl acrylate-co-glycidyl methacrylate) to glass-fiber/epoxy laminates for self-healing purposes
L. M. M. Silva1, E. P. C. Ferreira, J. D. D. Melo, A. P. Cysne Barbosa
Effect of Polypropylene Grade and Carboxylic Acid Addition on the Surface Properties of PP/Thermoplastic Starch
Andréa Bercini Martins, Arthur Vieira Segaspini, Joice Neves Schvarthaup, Ruth Marlene Campomanes Santana
Analysis and optimization of a hybrid mono leaf spring
Marcella Cristina Neves Alvarenga, Elvis Carneiro Monteiro, Antonio Ávila Ferreira
Mechanical analysis of plasma treated coconut fiber mats reinforced unsaturated polyester biocomposite
Daniel M. de Oliveira, Herman J. C. Voorwald, Kelly Cristina C. C. Benini, Maria Odila H. Cioffi
Effect of stretching on a polypropylene matrix containing nanoparticles for application in textiles technology
Luana Marques Ferreira, Lorena G. Alves, Aline S. Chagas, Jorge P. Chimanowsky Junior, Amanda R. A. Melo, Maria Inês Bruno Tavares
Investigations on hybrid cementitious composites for aerostatic porous bearings
Zelia Maria Velloso Missagia, Julio Cesar dos Santos, Tulio Hallak Panzera, Leandro Jose da Silva, Marcelo Gustavo Coelho Resende
Computation of Effective Elastic Properties of Reinforced Cementitious Composite Using Micro-Tomography and Finite Elements
Rafael da Silva Vianna; André Maués Brabo Pereira; Ricardo Leiderman; Romildo Toledo Filho; Janine Domingos Vieira
Influence of the electrochemical treatment of aluminum 2024 t3 for application in cf/ epoxi/aluminum composites
Alberto L. Santos, Roberto Z. Nakazato, Edson C. Botelho
Crack growth resistance curves of bidirectional GLARE laminates by normalization method
João Teixeira Oliveira de Menezes, Enrique Mariano Castrodeza
Effect of steel fibers on compressive strength of concrete: casting direction and boundary conditions
Raquel Caroline Zydeck; Rosiéli Ribeiro Jardim; Danielli Duó; Luis Eduardo Kosteski; Ederli Marangon
Evaluation of Thermal Behavior in Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate)/Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites For Biomaterial Applications
Maxwell de Paula Cavalcante, Livia Rodrigues de Menezes and Maria Inês Bruno Tavares
Differences between DMA modes and testing equipments
I.R. Henriques, L.A. Borges, M.F. Costa, B.G. Soares, D.A. Castello
Assessment of residual elastic modulus of a 5HS woven laminate by the use of impulse excitation technique
Maísa Milanez Ávila Dias Maciel , Herman Jacobus Cornelis Voorwald and Maria Odila Hilário Cioffi
Cold-pressed hybrid polyester composites containing short sisal fibres and ceramic micro particles
Nayara L. Oliveira, Tulio H. Panzera, Fabiano B. Batista, Francisco M. Dos Santos, Julio C. Dos Santos and Rodrigo T.S. Freire
Dynamic mechanical analysis of epoxy composites reinforced with short glass fibers
Sara Ferreira da Costa, Ângela Graziela Lechinski da Luz de Andrade, Matheus Ponick, Sérgio Henrique Pezzin
Functionalization of graphite oxide with GLYMO and its use as reinforcement in epoxy matrix nanocomposites
Sara Ferreira da Costa, Sérgio Henrique Pezzin
Study of poly(ethylene-co-methacrylic acid) as healing agent in epoxy
Isabel Mertel, Alexandra Pokhlestova, Frank Balle, Fernando Fernandes, Fábio Santos da Silva, Evans Paiva da Costa Ferreira, Ana Paula Cysne Barbosa, Jose Daniel Diniz Melo
Effects of aging in carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites exposed to natural environment
Larissa R. Pinheiro de Brito, Ana P. Cysne Barbosa, José Daniel D. Melo, A. do Nascimento, Rubens M. do Nascimento
Advanced Green Composites: New Directions
Anil N. Netravali
FRP Reinforcement for Concrete – Coming of Age
Antonio Nanni
Composite R&D challenges for aerostructures
Luciana Selmi Marques
Quality and Durability of Constructions: The use of GFRP as substitute of steel reinforcement in reinforced Concrete and Ferrocement
Hugo Wainshtok Rivas
Assessing effectiveness and adhesion of nanoreinforcements in polyvinylbutyral by dynamic-mechanical analysis
Sérgio Henrique Pezzin
Application of convolutional neural networks in the prediction of dynamic fracture initiation of composite materials
Rafael de Azevedo Cidade, Guilherme Lopes Londres
The development of high performance natural fibre composites for a more sustainable future
Kim Pickering
Comparison of carbon fiber and epoxy resin composites processed by rtm and compression
Ana Carolina M. Q. S. Santos, Maria Odila H. Cioffi, Francisco M. Monticeli, Luis Felipe P. Santos
Interlaminar shear fatigue in composites materials used in wind turbine and aircraft industries
Hector G. Kotik, Juan E. Perez Ipiña
Nonconventional composite materials based on agro-industry byproducts for housing applications
Holmer Savastano Junior
Multi-Material Adhesive Joints for Automotive Industry
M. D. Banea, R. J. C Carbas, L. F. M. da Silva
Biocidal effect of microfiltration membranes impregnated with silver nanoparticles
Aline Marques Ferreira Linhares, Fabiana Valéria da Fonseca, Cristiano Piacsek Borges
Toward an empirical model for impact damage morphology in plates supported by a circular boundary
Maria Francesca Pernice, James Evans, James Barber, Yu Pan, Andrew Rhead
On the mechanical performance of alkali-activated mortars reinforced with short PVA fibers
Raquel P. Batista; Vitor A. Nunes; Ana Carolina C. Trindade; Paulo H. R. Borges; Flávio de A. Silva
Compatibility and adhesion of MK/BFS alkali-activated repair mortars to Portland cement concrete substrates
Vitor A. Nunes, Paulo H. R. Borges, Cristina Zanotti, Raquel P. Batista
Creep and Fatigue behavior of Composite Structures
Sung Kyu Ha
Effects of 3D out-of-plane stresses on damage initiation and progression of OHT and OHC in laminated composites
Carlos Alberto Cimini
Performance of extruded fiber-cement composites with hybrid reinforcement of jute fibers and cellulose nanofibrils
Camila Soares Fonseca, Matheus Felipe Silva, Rafael Farinassi Mendes, Paulo Ricardo Gherardi Hein, André Luiz Zangiacomo, Holmer Savastano Jr., Gustavo Henrique Denzin Tonoli
A review on modelling of laminated plates and shells
Antonio Ferreira
Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation of Composite Manufacturing Processes
Suresh G. Advani
Non-metallic materials in the Oil and Gas Industry: Overall outlook and future trends
Antonio Henrique Monteiro
Flexural behavior of under-reinforced steel fiber concrete (r/sfrc) beams
Daniel C. T. Cardoso, Gabriel B. S. Pereira, Julio J. S. Holtz Filho, Flávio A. Silva, Eric V. Pereira
Contribution of Shear Transfer Mechanisms and Strength of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams
Danielle Duque Estrada Pacheco, Daniel Carlos Taissum Cardoso, Martin Noël
Use of online dedicated software MECHG-comp for micro- and macro-mechanical analysis of composites
Sandro Campos Amico
Double-double Laminates and their design and manufacturing innovations
Stephen W. Tsai
1. Analytical Methods and Multi-Scale Modelling

Thermoelastic analytical solution for 2D composite laminates
André S. de Lima and Alfredo R. de Faria

Critical review of displacement-based laminate theories and modeling techniques
André S. de Lima, Alfredo R. de Faria and José J. R. Faria

Elastoplastic residual stresses in composite beams – a semi-analytical study
Lucas L. Vignoli), Paulo P. Kenedi

Hybrid composites: experimental and analytical assessment aided by online software
Eduardo A. W. de Menezes, Mário J. Kunz Filho, Frederico Eggers and Sandro C. Amico

2. Cement-Based Composites

Fiber reinforced concrete: five decades of progress
Antoine E. Naaman

A thermal conductivity model for rubberized mortar
S. Yang, N. Ukrainczyk and E. A. B. Koenders

Experimental assessment of the effect of plasticizing and air-entraining on mechanical properties of refractory cement composites
M. Jogl and P. Reiterman

Brazilian Splitting Test – Experimental and numerical analysis
Marcelo De Simone, Lourdes M. S. Souza and Deane Roehl

Probabilistic assessment of the load capacity of fiber reinforced concrete
Marcello Congro, Cristian Mejía and Deane Roehl

Mechanical behavior of polypropylene and steel fiber self-consolidating concrete
Vitor Moreira de Alencar Monteiro and Flávio de Andrade Silva

Use of cactus wood Cereus jamacaru as aggregate in lightweight bioconcrete production
Silveira, M. N. L., Menali, L. O., da Gloria, M. Y. R., Toledo Filho, R. D. and Ferreira, S. R.

Mechanical and bond behavior of carbon textile reinforced concretes under tensile loading
Rebecca Mansur de Castro Silva and Flávio de Andrade Silva

Study of cracking pattern and its evolution on natural textile reinforced concrete by image analysis
Letícia O. de Souza, Lourdes M.S. de Souza and Flávio A. Silva

Cyclic flexural behavior of polypropylene and sisal fiber reinforced concrete
Raylane de Souza Castoldi, Lourdes Maria Silva de Souza and Flávio de Andrade Silva

Use of latex in cellulose fibers and replacement with metacaulim for application in composites with cement matrix
Rondinele Alberto dos Reis Ferreira, Lara Cristina Péres dos Santos, Leila Aparecida de Castro Motta and Daniel Pasquini

Study on mechanical behavior of cementitious composites produced with mineral additions and reinforced with jute
Ficher Nadine M., Eichholz Emanuele, Stefanello, Leonardo, Marangon, Ederli, Kosteski, Luis E.

Development of cement-based matrix composites reinforced with treated jute fabrics using the polymer styrene-butadiene
Bruno Marani Siciliano, Gabriel Furtado, Lucca de Campos Fontolan and Saulo Rocha Ferreira

Utilization of castor oil to produce an air incorporator additive for concretes
Rodrigo M. S. Silva, Amanda L. M. S. Melo and Filipe S. Duarte

An overview on the application of FRC as a structural material in Brazil and future trends
Antonio D. de Figueiredo

The influence of carbon nanotubes on the fracture energy, flexural and tensile behavior of cement based composites
Vanessa Vilela Rocha, Péter Ludvig, Flávio de Andrade Silva, Ana Carolina Constâncio Trindade

Effect of the residual fine elements and contribution on fresh properties of self-leveling mortars
Henrique Duarte Sales Carvalho, Janaíde Cavalcante Rocha and Malik Cheria

Evaluation of interactions between retarding admixtures and fine materials in long-term flowability cement pastes
Eduardo Nobre Guindani; Malik Cheriaf ; Janaíde Cavalcante Rocha

Cold-pressed hybrid composites reinforced with coir fobres and cement particles: a statistical approach
Gabriela C. Coura, Lívia A. Oliveira, Bruna T. Ferreira, Júlio C. dos Santos, Rodrigo T. S. Freire, Túlio H. Panzera

Correlations on ultra pulse velocity and physical-mechanical properties of cement mortar containing quartz and recycled-PP aggregates
Kívia M. Nascimento, Túlio H. Panzera, Carlos E. S. da Silva, Paulo H. R. Borges, André L. dos Santos, Alexandre Einstein Vale

Effect of rice husk ash incorporation in steel fiber reinforced concretes
Felipe S. B. Jorge and Conrado S. Rodrigues

Developing reinforced foam concrete as a composite material for durable structural application
Gideon P.A.G. van Zijl and Algurnon S. van Rooyen

Incorporation of reused sugarcane fibres applied in the treatment of effluents contaminated with engine oil as reinforcement of cementitious composites
Viviane V. S. Guilarduci, Patrícia Benedini Martelli, Honória de Fátima Gorgulho, Pablo Resende Oliveira and Túlio Hallak Panzera

Steel fibers addition effect on tensile strength of concrete
Silva, Mayara D. T., Cocco, Guilherme D., Bandeira, Matthews V.V., Kosteski,  Luis E. e Marangon, Ederli

Production of cementititous laminates reinforced with fibers from Amazonia
Fernanda F. Oikava, João de Almeida M. Filho and Gleicyanne O. de S. Portela

Influence of low content of steel fibre on concretes produced with recycled coarse aggregates with different levels of density
Antonio D. de Figueiredo, Ivie Pietra and Luís A. G. Bitencourt Jr.

Mechanical characterization of concrete reinforced with composites glass macrofibre
Manzioni, Joelma P.; Real, Ligia V.; de Figueiredo, Antonio D.; Monte, Renata

Performance evaluation of prestressed concrete sleepers reinforced with steel fibers
Paula Helene Toraldo Teixeira Silveira and Flávio de Andrade Silva

Effect of viscosity modifier admixture on Portland cement hydration
Stefan Chaves Figueiredo, Oğuzhan Çopuroğlu and Erik Schlangen

Flexural behavior of under-reinforced steel fiber concrete (R/SFRC) beams
Daniel C. T. Cardoso, Gabriel B. S. Pereira, Julio J. S. Holtz Filho, Flávio A. Silva, Eric V. Pereira

Further analyses on hornification promotion by washing cycles on natural vegetable fibers
Sophia Mendes, Lisiane Nunes Hugen, Renata Daniel dos Santos, Romildo Dias Toledo Filho and Saulo Ferreira Rocha

Toughness analysis of steel fiber reinforced concrete by pullout test
Felipe S. B. Jorge and Conrado S. Rodrigues

Compressive stress-strain behavior of R-PET fibre reinforced mortars
Matheus S. V. Fernandes, Margareth S. Magalhães and Rodrigo B. Burgos

3. Damage and Fracture

Quasi-static indentation and low-velocity impact response of aramid/epoxy composites
Stephanie G. Nunes, Luís Guilherme G. Reichwald, Wanderley F. A. Júnior, Andrea Manes and Sandro C. Amico

Micromechanical models for transversal elastic modulus in unidirectional laminates
Lucas L. Vignoli, Marcelo M. Savi

Notched strength of symmetric angle-ply laminates
Lucas L. Vignoli, Jaime T.P. de Castro

4. Durability, Ageing and Aggressive Environment

The effect of accelerated ageing on the mechanical and physical properties of thermoset polymers
Francisco M. Dos Santos, Tulio H. Panzera, Alysson H. S. Bueno, Alberto L. Santos and Edson C. Botelho

Different approaches to kinetics degradation of polyester resin from renewable resources
Vinicius Moraes Kieling da Rocha, Heitor Luis Ornaghi Júnior, Sandro Campos Amico, Daniel Magalhães de Oliveira and Kelly Cristina Coelho Benini

Effect of gamma-radiation on thermal ageing of butyl rubber compounds
Sandra R. Scagliusi, Elizabeth C. L. Cardoso and Ademar B. Lugão

5. Experimental Techniques

Comparison of complex modulus provided by three different dynamic mechanical analyzers
I.R. Henriques , L.A. Borges , D.A. Castello , M.F. Costa and B.G. Soares

Application and advances of the active thermography for the inspection of composite materials used industry
Marcella Grosso, Sergio D. Soares, Isabel C. P. Margarit-Mattos and Gabriela R. Pereira

Experimental evaluation of temperature effect on the transverse permeability of a fibrous preform
Rafael S. Trindade, Fernando Rodrigues, Eduardo Kerche, Affonso C. Ribeiro, Jeferson A. Souza, and Sandro C. Amico

Mechanical analysis of polymeric webbing tests with and without preloads
Andrés Heemann Pereira Neto, Filipe Paixão Geiger, Tales de Vargas Lisbôa , Rogério José Marczak

Tridimensional characterization of epoxy matrix glass-fiber reinforced composites
Lorenleyn De La Hoz Alford; Sidnei Paciornik, José Roberto Moraes d’Almeida; Haimon Diniz Lopes Alves; Marcos H. de Pinho Mauricio

Electromagnetic characterization of PSU/carbon black multifunctional composites
Tiago T. S. Braga, Daniel C. Silveira, Newton A. S. Gomes, Mirabel C. Rezende and Edson C. Botelho

6. FRP for Civil Engineering Applications

Impact damaged pier strengthening using heavy CFRP fabric
Abheetha Peiris, Sahar Y. Ghanem and Issam E. Harik

Five-element models for long-term response of pGFRP members
Daniel C. T. Cardoso and Kent A. Harries

Curved pultruded unidirectional carbon fiber composite under interlaminar shear fatigue loading
Maikson L. P. Tonatto , Rafaela G. Rodackievicz and Sandro C. Amico

Probabilistic fatigue life modelling of FRP composite
Martin Noël

Local buckling of pultruded GFRP I-section subject to bending
Everton de S. Vieira, Janine D.Vieira and Daniel C. T. Cardoso

7. Glare and Fiber-Metal Laminates

Thermal behavior of polymer metal hybrids of hot stamped steel and fiber-reinforced thermoplastics
Michael Demes, Markus Kühn, Tobias Gebken and Klaus Dröder

Integral manufacturing of plastic-metal hybrids consisting of endless fiber reinforcement using injection molding
Tobias Gebken, Markus Kühn, Michael Demes, Anke Müller and Klaus Dröder

Experimental study of the tensile strength of open-hole fiber-metal laminates
Thays A. Barreto and Rafael C. Santiago

Evaluation of mechanical properties of low cost FMLs fabricated with coir fibre-reinforced composites
Júlio C. dos Santos, Luciano M. G. Vieira, Rodrigo T. S. Freire, André L. Christoforo, Juan C. C. Rubio, Túlio H. Panzera

Impact behavior of Glare ™ hybrid laminate under extreme thermal conditions
Francisco J. Goyo-Brito, Matheus Vogler, Richard F. Silva, Alessandra C. Soares-Pozzi, José R. Tarpani

8. Geopolymer Composites

Mechanical response of geopolymer composites reinforced with distinct types of fibers
Ana Carolina Constâncio Trindade, Paulo Henrique Ribeiro Borges and Flávio de Andrade Silva

Resistance to compression and analysis of the microstructure of metacaulinite-based geopolymeric mortar
Gleicyanne O. S. Portela, Wanison Gil Pessoa Junior, Lizandro Manzato and João de Almeida Melo Filho

9. Industrial Applications

Effect of the atmosphere in the ablation of carbon-phenolic composites used in thermal protection systems
Edison Bittencourt, Homero de Paula e Silva, Humberto Araújo Machado, Pedro Guilherme Silva Pesci, Cristian Clay Paterniani, Felipe Rocha Caliari

Structural behavior of filament winding tanks
Jorge Nasseh, Jeniffer Kopetski and Bárbara Vital

A fast method for preliminary evaluation of chemical erosion on a composite nozzle
Flávia O.Untem, Fábio L. Calciolari, Luiz E. N. de Almeida, Gustavo H. Murari and Wagner K. A. Silva

Development of Kevlar composites for ballistic application
Viviane M Fonseca, Erick J.P. A Oliveira, Pedro T Lima, Laura H Carvalho (

Effect of the filament winding pattern modelling on the axial compression of cylindrical shells
Cristiano B. de Azevedo, Frederico Eggers, José H. S. Almeida Jr. and Sandro C. Amico

Design and manufacturing process of a UAV composite wing spar
Pablo M. N. Araujo, Thiago R. Costa and Eduardo C. Silva

10. Lignocellulosic and Green Composites

Mechanical Characterization of pineapple leaf fiber and corn husk powder reinforced epoxy composites
M.Omkumar and K. Selvakumar

Influence of environmental degradation in mechanical and microstructural performance in polymeric composites increased by licury fibers
Alexandre S. Moraes, Ana C. R. da Conceição, Pedro A. P. Almeida, Helen F. Sousa, Olímpio B. C. V. Neto, Mirtânia A. Leão

Evaluation of the thermal performance of gypsum composites reinforced with sisal fibers
Carolina Del P.C. Pinto, Alana S. Cunha and Ricardo F. Carvalho

Eco-friendly sodium bicarbonate treatment and its effect on epoxy/polyester coir fibre composites
Lívia Á. de Oliveira, Júlio C. dos Santos, Luciano M. Gomes Vieira, Valdir Mano, Rodrigo S. Freire, Túlio H. Panzera

Evaluation of thermal behavior and cure kinetics of a curauá fiber prepreg by the non-isothermal method
Vilson Dalla L. Jr., Linconl A. Teixeira, Rosineide M. Leão and Sandra Luz

Water absorption study in composites of epoxy matrix using as reinforcement fiber: sisal natural, acetylated and modified with aluminium oxide hydrated
Pinheiro C. H., Pellucci L. A. and Da Silva M. L. C. P

Effect of fibers alkali treatment on thermal behavior of curauá/polyester composites
Linconl A. Teixeira, Vilson Dalla L. Jr., Rosineide M. Leão and Sandra M. da Luz

Photochemical approach as a strategy to recycle rice husk lignin post-consumer polystyrene
Daniele G. Müller, Maria C. S. Bulhosa, Evelyn C. do C. Schenque, Marcelo P. da Rosa, Jessica S. da Silva, Paulo H. Beck and Felipe Kessler

Hybrid composites based on silica, glass and short sisal fibres
Bruna T. Ferreira, Leandro J. Silva, Túlio H. Panzera, Júlio C. Santos and Michael D. Naughton

On the measurement of cross-sectional area of natural fibers
Otavio da Fonseca Martins Gomes, Felipe Pinheiro Teixeira , Josimar Firmino de Lima  and Flavio de Andrade Silva

Effect of chemical treatments on thermal properties of Imperata brasiliensis grass to reinforce composites with polymeric matrix
Thiago de S. Dias, Kelly C. C. de C. Benini and Maria O. H. Cioffi

New method to obtain a natural and versatile “cellulose/silica hybrid composites” from rice husk waste and your application for absorptive processes
Marcelo P. da Rosa, Paulo H. Beck, Felipe Kessle, Maria C. S. Bulhosa, Paulo M. T. Junior

11. Nanocomposites

Reduced graphene oxide as reinforcement in aluminium nanocomposites prepared by powder metallurgy
Andrada DM, Serodre TM, Santos AP, Furtado CA

Simple, economical, scalable and sustainable route for functionalization BNNTs
Sousa A.A., Meireles, M.G.A., Andrada, D. N., Sousa, E.M.B., Gastelois, P.L., Macedo, W.A.A., Silva, W.M.

Influence of silane treatments on the properties of graphite nanoplatelet/epoxy composites
Alessandra Lavoratti, Ademir J. Zattera and Sandro C. Amico

The influence of matrix impregnation on effective elastic properties of a unidirectional carbon nanotube bundled composite: a topology optimization approach
Bruno G. Christoff, Humberto B. Santana, Eduardo L. Cardoso, Jandro L. Abot, Volnei Tita

Nanocellulose filled biobased polyurethane foams
Kerche E. F. , Delucis R. A. , Magalhães, W. L. E.  and Amico S. C

12. Processing and Manufacturing

Preparation and characterization of extruded PBAT/organoclay films
L.H. de Carvalho, A.A. Nascimento Filho

Influence of slippage coefficient on the non-geodesic return trajectory at mandrels extremities in filament winding process
Ingo H. Dalibor, Tales V. Lisbôa, Rogério J. Marczak and Sandro C. Amico

13. Physical and Mechanical Properties

Numerical and experimental analyses on the curing of a thick thermosetting polymer matrix
Vivianne M. Bruère, Nadège Bouchonneau and Christian Jochum

Study of mechanical properties of composite with silicone matrix to mimetizate biological tissue
Marcio Gabriel Moura Netto, Luiz Carlos da Silva Nunes

Evaluation of moisture absorption effects on mechanical behavior of hybrid glass/carbon fibers epoxy matrix composites
L.M. Ottolini, J.R.M. d’Almeida

Development and characterization of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics – part A: processing, thermal and rheological properties
Bruno J. Lopes, José Roberto M. d’Almeida

Development of partially biodegradable foams from PP/HMSPP blends with natural and synthetic polymers
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Effects of silica microparticles in glass fibre/epoxy laminates
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Development and characterization of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics – part B: mechanical properties and microstructural analysis
Bruno J. Lopes, José Roberto M. d’Almeida

Niobium oxide (NB2O5) filled high modulus polyethylene extrudable (HMPEX) composites: tensile properties
João Pedro Coré Pinto, Nancy Isabel Alvarez Acevedo, Marisa Cristina Guimarães Rocha and Noemi Tatizawa

Nanocellulose-coated carbon fibers towards developing hierarchical polymer matrix composites
Braian E.B. Uribe, Alessandra C. Soares-Pozzi, José R. Tarpani

14. Recycling and Sustainability

Thermal properties study of recycled espresso coffee capsules for biocomposite application
Anne Shayene Campos de Bomfim, Herman Jacobus Cornelis Voorwald, Maria Odila Hilário Cioffi and Kelly Cristina Coelho de Carvalho Benin

A novel recycling route for polyethylene bottle caps as circular honeycomb core
Murilo Monteiro de Jesus, Pablo Resende Oliveira, Sergio Luiz Moni Ribeiro Filho, Maikson Luiz Passaia Tonatto and Tulio Hallak Panzera

Recycled glass fibre/polyester resin system – interface characterization
R.T. Durai Prabhakaran, James Thomason, and Liu Yang

Epoxy polymers reinforced with carbon powder wastes
Thaís da Costa Dias, Túlio Hallak Panzera, Rodrigo Teixeira Santos Freire, Carlos Thomas Garcia, Júlio César dos Santos

Analysis of polyacrylonitrile/lignin blends by SEM and FT-IR as an alternative precursor for carbon materials
Katia S. D. Nunes, Nilton P. Alves and Luiz C. Pardini

Kraft lignin from paper mill LignoBoost ® process – a promise to low cost green carbon fiber
Katia S. D. Nunes and Luiz C. Pardini

15. Repair and Joining Techniques

Analysis of a novel interlocking adhesive joining technology for composite-metal structures
Michael C. Corbett and Conor T. McCarthy

The effect of aluminium surface treatments on the apparent shear strength of hybrid epoxy single-lap joints
Francisco M. Dos Santos, Tulio H. Panzera, Alysson H. S. Bueno, Rodrigo T. S. Freire and Cody Campsey

16. Simulations in Composites

Computational analyses for carbon-epoxy plates damaged by low velocity impact
Gregório Felipe Oliveira Ferreira, Marcelo Leite Ribeiro, António Joaquim Mendes Ferreira, Volnei Tita

Artificial neural networks applying to detect damage in carbon fiber/epoxy composite
Luísa R. Völtz, Eduardo L. Cardoso and Ricardo De Medeiros

Different methods of three-point bending analysis of polymer epoxy reinforced with fiberglass laminated faces
João Pedro Monteiro Cheloni, Marcio Eduardo Silveira, Leandro Jose da Silva

Numerical modelling of helical cables using beam elements
Eduardo A. W. de Menezes, Rogério J. Marczak and Sandro C. Amico

Simulation of flexural stresses on layered natural fibre/epoxy composite beams
R.T. Durai Prabhakaran, G.A. Ormondroyd and Guan Zhongwei

Dynamic analysis of composite structures using kriging model applied to manufacturing design tolerances
Luiz Fernando Dos Santos Souza, Volnei Tita and Ricardo De Medeiros

Design optimization of a composite pressure vessel using FEA and derivative based method
Luiz G. Oliveira, Rafael B. Leite, Pablo A. Munõz-Rojas and Ricardo De Medeiros

Multiobjective optimization of composite risers
Marina A. Maia and Evandro Parente Jr.

Isogeometric analysis of FGM plates
Samir P. Auad, Jamires S. C. Praciano, Elias S. Barroso, João B. M. Sousa Jr.  and Evandro Parente Jr

Sequential approximate optimization of composite structures using radial basis functions
David S. Balreira, Luana A. G. Moura and Evandro Parente Jr

Composite structural behaviour prediction with the surrogate model and trace-based approach
Eduardo Gerhardt, Rogério J. Marczak and Sandro C. Amico